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Professional Experience

Quality Assurance Tester 2020~ 

Following test instructions accurately and executing tasks in a timely manner

Verifying linguistic, cultural and contextual accuracy of localized in-game text, audio, and subtitles

Verifying cosmetic integrity and implementation of in-game text

Ensuring that game guideline and glossaries are correctly referenced throughout the game

Substitute Teacher 2018 - 2020

instruction skills, the ability to follow guidelines, reliability, communication, and teamwork.

Freelance Translator 2018 - 2019

Performed various translation and interpretation duties from Korean into English, including written texts, localization, internationalization, audio files, and live speaking presentations.
Arranged concurrent translation during corporate meetings to allow English audience members to take part in Korean-language events.
Translated text projects, including legal documents, website content, news articles, and corporate reports.
Upheld strict confidentiality policy when translating personal and diplomatic materials.
Provided interpretation and transcription services as needed by corporate clients

Lecturer 2016 - 2017

Created a lesson plan for each weekly lecture
Provided one-on-one assistance to students after class
Motivated students to increase their passion for learning English
Set the topics for each class and guided the students to practice effectively
Developed and supervised tests and quizzes to be completed by students
Encouraged student participation in the classroom
Directed students to create their own practice dialogues by using the language materials that we introduced in the classroom

Operation Assistant 2012 - 2013

Proactively recommend improvements to increase sales performance
Liaise with different departments to improve performance and work efficiency
Monitor sales orders and supplier relations
Compile sales reports and distribute them to relevant departments
Attending to any correspondence and emails by customers, clients and contractors
Keep updated on industry trends and consumer market




Critical Thinking 






Emotional Intelligence

Attention to Detail